What is a Ministry Friend?  A ministry friend is anyone who agrees with our calling and supports this ministry in fulfilling its calling with prayers, encouragement and financial gifts.  JC's Village's ministry friends have consistently been those who've worked along side us at some point - as a community member, student participant in the ministry itself, family members of student participants, alumni, as well churches, other ministries to name a few. Without prayer support - JC's Village would operate without a hedge of protection.  It is through supporters' prayers that this ministry is able to serve and grow.  Without encouragement we would've lost our excitement for this work long ago.  Without financial support there would be no web-site, no marketing on campus and around town - no events, no meals, no Bibles to give away, no community for students who so badly want and need it.

Like any other ministry - JC's Village relies upon the generosity of ministry friends to not just keep the lights on but to grow.  Growth can only flourish with consistent support for essential programming, year after year.  If you would like to partner with JC's Village and see lives on campus changed - contact us via the information below.  Thank you for your patience and interest.